A “winch” is that device used on a yacht to reel in sheets and halyards more quickly and with less effort. In the collective imagination, it’s a symbol of exertion, of precision, of the timeliness of a successful manoeuvre, at a time when all that counts are the instruments and the crew members.

This leitmotif of passion, tenacity and excellence formed the basis for WINCH srl, established in 2009. Its roots lie in a decade of professional experience built up in recruitment, sports facilities management, and assistance and consulting for event organisation. The company has demonstrated an ample talent for problem solving, and its remarkable skills soon brought in contracts with the two most important sports clubs in Italy, namely A. C. Milan and F. C. Internazionale. WINCH runs the stewarding service at the Meazza stadium, with more than 1000 professionals on its books, all of whom have been carefully selected and trained to take on this delicate role. Also at San Siro, WINCH has a contract for managing tours of the stadium, visits to its museum, and merchandising activities. These will soon be added to with parking services, and the monitoring and maintenance of the stadium entrances.

WINCH srl, a part of the Ecoprogram group, is a company with a young, dynamic attitude, which is expanding with enthusiasm and determination. The management at the helm is agile enough to pick up on changes in the market, taking every opportunity to formulate the best strategies. In this sense, it has developed all the supporting activities surrounding event organisation: WINCH is not just a major recruitment agency for hostesses, stewards and promoters; it is also, and above all, a reliable partner for the recruitment and management of human resources for reception, surveillance and security services, and crowd control.

Concerts, major sporting events, road shows, meetings, congresses and trade fairs: WINCH is the right solution for every situation, no matter how delicate, with the dependability and professionalism - not to mention the passion - of a winning team.